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Chania Archaeological Museum

Chania Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Chania is a museum located in the former Venetian Monastery of Saint Francis in the historical centre of the city.

This former temple of the medieval Franciscan monastery is one of the most important monuments of the Venetian period in Crete (1211-1669).

During the period of the Ottoman occupation, the building was converted into a mosque and was named after Yussuf Pasha, the conqueror of Chania.

At the turn of the 20th century it became the “Idaion Andron” Cinema and after World War II it served as a storehouse for military equipment.

Its operation as a museum was established in 1963.

The museum contains a substantial collection of Minoan and Roman artifacts excavated from around the city of Chania and the surrounding regional unit, including pieces from the ancient cities of Kydonia, Idramia, Aptera, Polyrinia, Kissamos, Elyros, Irtakina, Syia and Lissos, and also from Axos and Lappa in Rethymno regional unit.

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